Ayush Paper

Ayush paper is a made in India brand. We aim to create sketchbooks for various paint mediums. Did you ever think of using paper as a base for acrylic printing?? All of our papers are tested for several mediums before they are ready to be shipped for you. 

Art supplies online.

If you have been looking for paper products and fine art stationery online. We are a one-stop solution for all your office supplies and art materials. It’s essential to understand which product fit your requirement and which doesn’t. Read in detail about each product before you buy them. This will increase your confidence when you plan to explore. 

For a better experience, we post youtube videos that help understand the product in a better manner. These are detailed videos that will also teach an individual how to paint. 

Can you use acrylic colors on paper?

Yes, Acrylic colors on paper is an amazing thought and are now available online. The paper base required for acrylic painting is a non-porus and sturdy paper. When you paint on paper the feeling of the painting is similar to painting on canvas. Its best for practices as it makes storage of paints easy. These acrylic papers are available in 260 GSM and 740 GSM.

Where can i get grid books with thick paper

Grid books with thicker paper are something many artists have been looking for. 200 GSM grid paper by Ayush Paper is an amazing choice when it comes to lettering, floral paintings, architectural drawings, pattern work/ exercise. Thicker paper allows you to explore more mediums without the fear of medium bleeping to the other side of the book. Lighter grid lines help show your artwork in a more prominent manner.

Is Paper thickness important for painting?

Yes It is very important for painting. But another factor that one needs to consider is the composition and technique of painting. I have seen artists who have pained 5-7 layers of watercolor on 140 GSM paper whereas some artists cant do 5-7 layers on a 270 GSM paper. It's important to understand the nature of paper before you buy or use them.

How do i choose a sketchbook?

With so many options, it could be tough to identify which sketchbook will be ideal for your use. You could head over to the sketchbooks category where we have explained how and what are the possibilities of mediums you can use on various sketchbooks.

What could you possibly create in a black or a brown sketchbook?

Black and brown sketchbooks are something that stands out of the regular paper. The black paper gives you an option to explore metallic colors, gelly roll pens. You could do lettering, mandala, gouache acrylic painting on a black base. White charcoal will look amazing on this base. Brown sketchbooks are great for portraits as the background acts as a perfect skin color/ brown color background and helps you to understand what your portrait will look like. Brown sketchbooks are also great for urban sketching, mandala, lettering, possibilities are endless, just like creativity is endless.

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