Acrylic paint set

Acrylic paint set is fast drying high pigmented rubber-based paints. These paints are water-soluble while they are in use but water-resistant once they dry. Based on the addition of water, these paint pigments give looks and feel of the final artwork. 

Benefits of Acrylic paint set:

  • While using acrylic colors, you could go from light shades to dark shade or visa vera.
  • This medium is a fast-drying medium.
  • You could do multiple layers when you try your hands on acrylic paint.
  • Acrylic colors are non-toxic. i.e., these might have minimal volatile organic compounds. 
  • Techniques such as pouring are very therapeutic and help calm the mind.

Suitable surfaces.

Acrylic colors would give excellent output on canvases, Ayush Paper’s Acrylic book, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), degreased leather altho you could try them on several surfaces. Some of our clients have tried them on slippery and too glossy surfaces and have not had a great experience. Art is all about creativity. I’m sure you could explore many surfaces to use these paints.

Some important points for storage:

  1. The storage container must be airtight as acrylic paints are fast drying in nature and tend to dry up fast when they come in contact with air.
  2. It’s best not to store these paints in wet places as moisture might create them to spoil the texture and color quality.
  3. Moisture is indeed needed to avoid paints from drying while using. But moisture degrades the paints during storage. 
  4. Depending on the brand, paints can be in excellent condition for 4-5 years with proper storage.
  5. Storage temperature plays a vital role as the low temperature could freeze the water and other components of the paint. Whereas when stored in high temperature could make the paint to dry out. 
  6. Having said all of the above. It’s essential to check for any holes and seal of the paints before purchasing them.
  7. To test how long your paints last, you could write the date of your purchase behind the product.

Watch our tutorial on how acrylic paint set create magic on Ayush papers acrylic book.

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